MEMHREP is a mental health and rehabilitation project which was established in 2011 to support people with mental health needs.


FACTORS is a service provided by MEMHREP (a UK base charity) to support people with physical and mental health needs. To help address the factors that contribute to their life challenging problems. We provide preventive and befriending services to support people living in the community. FACTORS offer information, advice and support to people who are vulnerable or with mental health problems and advocates on their behalf. FACTORS works in collaboration with other partner agencies, charities/NGOs and local authorities.


Mental health is one of the most common health problems affecting one in four people globally. It is important to provide preventive measures and create awareness for both patient and carers. FACTORS has also been visiting religious bodies, community groups, organising workshops and seminars, for employees, employers and the general public to discuss mental health triggers, and how to seek support at the early stages.


Are there issues you feel stressed / worried about that are causing you sleepless night. It could be work related stress; debts; course work; Come and speak with FACTORS. We have professionals you can discuss in private and confidential. We provide support in different areas and sign post you to the appropriate partner agencies and services, where necessary.


You can’t put your finger on it but you’re not on top form. You feel tired more often, you’re emotional and the things you used to love doing now don’t want to do them again.


Grief is a natural process, but it can be devastating. For those who need help, FACTORS offers free confidential support for adults and children, and this can be by telephone or face to face meetings .


FACTORS professionally run service set up specifically to help men and women deal with the emotional and psychological impact of their divorce and separation. All our staff and partner agencies are highly trained and skilled. We provide a range of support services to suit your needs.


Lots of people feel alone and have no-one they can really talk to. Whether it is, could it be relationship problems, money worries, illness or work, talk to us and we’ll help you regain your confidence and reconnect.


We also provide community support to those with acute/ enduring physical or mental health needs that includes home visit, hospital visitation, etc. and working in collaboration with other partner agencies to promote health and wellbeing.